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Prosciutto di Parma: quality and care for the choice of the raw materials.

The care for the details and the aging phases, the passion for an ancient work made up of ancient traditions handed down through generations, the balance of the perfumes and tastes of a rich and generous land. The quality and the attention in the choice of the raw material: this is the secret that makes the Prosciutto di Parma one of the most well known and appreciated products throughout the world. Nor preservatives or chemical additives are used, so the result is a tasty and completely natural product. To these ingredients only the skills of the seasoning masters and the dry but delicate air of the Parma hills are added. The uniqueness of this territory is having ideal climatic conditions for the natural seasoning that will give that unmistakable sweetness and taste to the Prosciutto di Parma,a DOP certified product controlled very strictly. The Prosciutto di Parma confirms a very easy to digest product, ideal fro children, athletes and elders thanks to the content of high quality proteins and the natural proteolysis that occurs during the aging.

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The hip tip Bresaola: A Valtellina speciality

The Bresaola Punta d’Anca (hip tip) is an highly selected product. The hip tip is the most precious part of the cow’s thigh, which is dry seasoned with salt, black pepper, garlic, cinnamon and cloves for almost 2 weeks. Then the seasoning for one to three months depending on the size. The Bresaola is a very nutrient cold cut, the aroma is the typical of the aged and seasoned meat, the color a uniform bright red. Great cut into thin slices and seasoned with evo oil and a little lemon juice.

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For more than two centuries, Alebardi butcher shop has been carrying on "the art of knife" since 1802.

The Alebardi family praise the title of the most ancient butcher shop of the whole Lombardy, maintaining the specialization of the butchery. Butcher shop Alebardi selects its own Piedmontese Fassona cows (only females), breeding them through natural non-intensive methods, in the countries of Brescia. Growing them with family passed down recipes, allows to obtain succulent and genuine meats, with a very low quantity of fats. The butchering is made in the own butcher shop. Apart from the meats, the butcher shop propose a selection of the local traditional products, derived directly from Italian porks butchered by the Alebardi.

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Prosciutto di Parma: one of the most representative products of Made in Italy

Only two ingredients, then the seasoning masters skills and the dry and delicate air of the hills that surrounds Parma. The authenticity of this territory, an area extremely limited, this is exactly the one endowed with the ideal climatic conditions for the natural aging that will give that unmistakable sweetness and taste to the Prosciutto di Parma. The Prosciutto di Parma is a genuine and tasty product. Since always no preservatives or chemical additives are added, the result is a 100% natural product.

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La Cinta di Guido

The breeding in the fields is free range, over some hectares of area. The animals, almost 200, are butchered by expert butchers when they're 3 years old, when they reach 150\180 kg of weight. To obtain excellent results it is necessary to think about the wellbeing of the animals, an Guido does it personally! Cold cuts that rigorously follows the rules of the most authentic Tuscan tradition. The company has joined the D.O.P Safeguard Consortium of the Tuscan Cinto pork, so it is endowed with a sure traceability of the final products.

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I am 100% Italian and I tasted musetto sausage when I was a kid and I loved it!, but I don't know where I can get here in florida. I live in Clearwater. any help would be appreciated. thank you.

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Est-ce que ce jambon est avec l'os ? Merci
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How come many of your rolled Pancetta, is sold out or has to be signed up for ?

Steen Kressner
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