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The Cinta Senese is the ancestor of all the Tuscan pigs

08/09/2017 - The natural environment is the Montagnola Senese, a hill zone at 250-300 meters of height. These hills covered by immense holm oak wood, an unlimited source of acorns, offer an ideal situation in the undergrowth for the gazing of these free range bred pigs. The gazing breeding based on food as acorns, tubers, roots gives these porks meat its unique taste and characteristics. Positive effects on saltiness and tastiness, the meat is more red and tasty than the other pork meats. The meats have better organoleptic qualities thanks to the higher concentration of unsaturated acid fats, particularly the Omega 3 and Omega 6 series. Its lard is richer in oleic acid polyunsaturated acts fats compared to the traditional ones. The fat is less consistent and more fluid, so more pleasant at the palate, this allows the cold cuts obtained to have a faster spread of the aromas used for spicing it, assuring the product optimal aromatic characteristics.

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Guanciale(jowl bacon) - 501/550 gr.
11.10 €

Pancetta/Rigatino(special bacon) - 0,45 / 0,50 Kg.
9.80 €

Cinta Senese Salami - 0,35 / 0,40 Kg.
16.70 €
Cinta Senese Salami - 0,40 / 0,45 Kg.
17.54 €

Soppressata(dry salami) - 0,50 / 0,55 Kg.
10.15 €
Soppressata(dry salami) - 0,55 / 0,60 Kg.
11.05 €


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